Terms of Service

Membership agreement:
Membership is for clients only. There will be two (2)  classes of members, industrial and educational. Training Exercises are confidential and are not to be  shared with non-members.

Membership is limited to clients who agree to and abide by all terms and conditions herein. Failure to abide by such terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of membership.

Membership requirements:
Members of Simtec will make an initial contribution to  the Consortium as well as pay an annual fee for maintenance and upkeep of the  exercise database. Both the initial contribution and annual fee are based on the  size and scope of the member company- see below for rates.

New member companies may make their initial contribution in the form of existing exercises, or they may elect to pay a fee for development of the appropriate number of new exercises. All exercises contributed by members shall immediately become the property of Simtronics subject to the members limited right to use upon termination.

Termination of membership for or without cause shall have the following immediate effect

  1. Client shall continue to maintain all confidential information in confidence.
  2. Client shall continue to have the right to use information obtained during membership internally but shall refrain from disclosing such information to others.