Welcome to Simtec

Simtronics clients have requested a Training Exercise development and sharing consortium. Simtec is a new forum aimed at facilitating the use of generic simulation in learning and development activities that support operations. Simtec will help users of the Simtronics DSS-100 Dynamic Simulator System connect with other users to share training exercises. Participating companies can expect to maximize the value of their investment and enhance training quality through networking with other DSS-100 users and sharing training exercises.

Participating companies will have access to a library of Simtronics DSS-100 Training Exercises. These will be presented in a standard format with a common look and feel to make them readily usable by all participants. Assistance will be available to help participants develop scenarios. In addition, participants will have access to basic exercises developed by Simtronics exclusively for the use of member companies.

There is a fee to become a member company. Please Register for Simtec and we will send you a Membership Agreement for your review.